Course Units

Degree Programme: Course Units

First Year

JMC 100: Language Use in Communication

JMC 101: Introduction to Mass Communication

JMC 102: Introduction to Creative Writing

JMC 104: Receptive and Production Skills in Communication

JMC 105: Introduction to Journalism and the Art of Communication

JMC 106: Communication Across Cultures

JMC 107: Literary Language and Presentation

JMC 108: Media History and Issues in Kenya

JMC 109: Philosophy and Social Development

JMC 103: Introduction to Computer Mediated Writing

TOU 200: Beginner’s French

Second Year

JMC200: Introduction to Public Relations

JMC 201: Introduction to Advertising

JMC 202: Print Media Practice

JMC 203: Introduction to Radio/Television Performance

JMC 204: News Writing and Reporting

JMC 205: Writing Feature Articles I

JMC 206: News Photography

JMC 207: Media Theory and Influence

JMC 208: Theories of Communication

JMC 209: Introduction to Visual Communication

ENG 211: English Phonology and Phonetics

KIS 210: Kiswahili Phonology and Phonetics

JMC 212: Logic and Rational Thought

JMC 213: Theory of Translation

TOU 201: French structure I

Third Year

JMC 300: Writing for Kiswahili Audience

JMC 301: Nonverbal Communication and Public Speaking

JMC 302: Professional Editing

JMC 303: Desktop Publishing

JMC 304: Book Publishing

JMC 305: Research Method

JMC 306: Public Speaking and Talk Show Presentation

TOU 300: French Structure II

JMC 307: Media Laws and Ethics

JMC 308: Conflict Resolution and Mediation

JMC 309: Advertising Copyrighting

JMC 310: Persuasive Communication and Argumentation

JMC 311: Research Project (Public Relations, Advertisement, Print Media, Electronic Media)

JMC 312: Kiswahili morphology and syntax

JMC 314: Semantics

JMC 315: Professional Field Attachment

Fourth Year

Public Relations and Advertisement

JMC 400: Public Relations Psychology

JMC 401: Public Relations Theory and Methods

JMC 405: Language and Public Communication

JMC 423: Internet and Electronic Publishing

JMC 424: Gender and Mass Media


JMC 407: Advertising and the Consumer

JMC 406: Newspaper Advertising

JMC 408: Business to Business Communication

JMC 409: Radio-Television, Digital Interactive and Direct Advertising

JMC 410: Advertising Layout and Production

JMC 425: Introduction to Digital Animation

Public Relations

JMC 402: Principles of Public Relations

JMC 403: Public Relations and the Mass Media

JMC 404: Public Relations Campaigns and Strategies

Broadcast and Print Media


JMC 411: News Writing for Electronic Media

JMC 412: Radio Production

JMC 413: Television Production

JMC 414: Electronic Media Management

JMC 415: Documentary Production

Print Media

JMC 416: Photojournalism

JMC 417: Opinion Writing

JMC 418: Feature Writing II

JMC 423: Internet and Electronic Publishing

JMC 424: Gender and Mass Media

JMC 419: Advanced Editing

JMC 420: Journalism and Literature

JMC 421: Contemporary Magazine Publishing

JMC 422: Writing on Special subjects

JMC 425: Introduction to Digital animation



Thematic Areas

  • English
  • Literature

Sub-Thematic Areas

  • Creative Writing
  • Literary Theory and Criticism
  • Global Literatures

Degree Programme: Course Units

First Year

English Language

ENG 110: Introduction to the Study of Language

ENG 111: The Art of writing


LIT 100: Introduction to Literary Studies

LIT 110: Introduction to East African Literature

Second Year

English Language

ENG 210: The Development of English as a Native Language

ENG 211: Introduction to English Phonetics and Phonology

ENG 212: English Morphology

ENG 213: The Structure of Modern English Phrase

ENG 214: Introduction to Semantics


LIT 200: Literary Theory and Application

LIT 210: East African Poetic Traditions

LIT 211: Theatre in Eastern Africa

LIT 212: Urban Literatures from East Africa

Third Year

English Language

ENG 310: The Structure of Modern English Sentence I

LIN 310: Second Language Acquisition

ENG 311: The Structure of Modern English Sentence II

ENG 312: English Prosody

ENG 313: The Development of English as a Second Language

ENG 314: Subject Methods in English


LIT 300: Advanced Literary Theory and Application

LIT 311: Literature and History in Kenya

LIT 314: African Orature

LIT 315: African-American Literature

LIT 316: European and American Drama

LIT 317: Caribbean Literature

LIT 318: African Drama

LIT 319: Latin American Literature

LIT 320: Creative Writing

LIT 321: Women in Literature

LIT 322: Post-Renaissance European Poetry

Fourth Year

English Language

ENG 410: Advances in the Description of English Grammar

ENG 411: Practical English Stylistics

ENG 412: Research Project in English

ENG 413: Discourse Analysis

ENG 414: Functional Varieties in English

ENG 415: English for Specific Purposes


LIT 400: The Novel in Africa

LIT 410: Comparative Oral Literature

LIT 411: African-American Literature

LIT 412: African-American Poetry and Drama

LIT 413: Modern African poetry

LIT 414: The Autobiography

LIT 415: Studies in Postcolonial Discourse

LIT 416: Indian Literature

LIT 417: Travel Writing

LIT 418: Japanese literature

LIT 419: Chinese Literature

LIT 420: Russian Literature

LIT 421: The History of the Book

LIT 422: Science Fiction

LIT 423: Popular Media and Culture



Thematic Areas

  • Education
  • French

Sub-Thematic Areas

  • French Language
  • French Literature

Degree Programme: Course Units

First Year

English Language

FLS 120: Introduction to Language and Linguistics in French

FLS 121: Reading in French

FLS 122: Introduction to French Literature

FLS 123: Writing in French

Second Year

FLS 200: Formal French Grammar

FLS 210: French Phonetics and Phonology

FLS 211: French Sentence Structure I

FLS 215: Introduction to African Oral Literature in French

FLS 212: Introduction to Translation

FLS 213: History of French Language in Africa

FLS 214: French Sentence Structure II

FLS 216: Introduction to French Poetry

FLS 217: French Discourse Analysis

Third Year

FLS 310: French Literary Devises and Criticism

FLS 311: African and Malagasy Literature

FLS 313: French Morphology

FLS 317: Special Methods in French

FLS 314: The African Drama

FLS 315: The Caribbean Literature

FLS 316: French Novel and Philosophical works in the 19th Century

FLS 312: French Applied Linguistics

Fourth Year

FLS 410: French Semantics and Lexicology

FLS 413: French Textual Analysis

FLS 414: African Prose in French

FLS 415: French Novel in the 20th Century

FLS 411: Translation and Interpretation

FLS 412: Critical Analysis of Texts in French

FLS 416: The French Novel

FLS 417: Trends in Contemporary French



Sub-Thematic Areas

  • Literary Theory and Criticism
  • Global Literatures

Degree Programme: Course Units

First and Second Year

LIT 810: Theories and Practice of Literary criticism

LIT 811: Narratives of Post-colonialism

LIT 812: Literature and Life in the 19th and 20th Centuries I

LIT 813: Literature and Life in the 19th and 20th Centuries II

LIT 814: Research Methods in Literature

LIT 815: Research in Orature

LIT 816: Tragedy in Drama

LIT 817: Performance and Theatre

LIT 818: Narratives on Migrancy

LIT 819: Literature from the Islands

LIT 820: Texts and Contexts

LIT 821: Oriental Cultures and Literature

LIT 822: South American Writing

LIT 823: Reading the Canon

LIT 824: Literature and Translation

LIT 825: Literature and Material Cultures

LIT 826: Fiction and Faction


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