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<h5>Message from the Chairman of the Department</h5>


Welcome to the Department of Education, Criminology and Social Work. The Department was established in 2014 as one of the three Departments of the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences of Kibaii University College. Since its inception, the Department has committed itself to developing and enhancing various academic programs in the area of teacher education and Criminology and Social Work.

The Department has been and continues to be a major contributor to the professional development of teachers in both arts-based and science-based disciplines. The Department has vibrant graduate programs through which it has become a major contributor towards research in and acquisition of skills in the planning, management and the maintenance of quality in educational institutions. Thus, the Department is playing a very dynamic role in human capital development in the Education sector for sustainable development. It intends to maintain a leadership role in the generation of new knowledge, ideas and innovative pedagogical skills leading to enhancement of secure quality of life for humanity.

Crime has kept on changing faces globally making security agencies unable to curb it. It is because of the amorphousity of the faces of crime that the department gave birth to Criminology and Social Work Section which has programs that can equip citizens both in security agencies and those aspiring to join them with knowledge and skills that can not only detect crime but combat it. The department has attracted many students from the police department, prison department, probation department, private security firms, provincial administration and the judiciary.

The strength of the department lies in the strong human capital resource starting from the chairman who is not only conversant with pedagogical skills but also in security issues given the fact that he is finalizing his Ph.D in Peace and Conflict Studies. The current chairman is a motivational speaker and a strong believer in integrity which is embedded in his strong Christian foundation.

The department makes the university to have an edge over other universities because it not only prepare students to fit in the job market but embraces science and technology in preparing her students to be job creators wherever they are in line with the objectives of vision 2030. The department has accelerated programmes whereby we have intake every semester. Lastly, we have launched ODeL, weekend, evening and school based apart from fulltime modes of study. This is intended to provide the rare opportunity of learning to a global population.


Pst. Injendi Juma

COD,Education foundatio



The Department of Educational Foundations, Educational Planning and Management is one of the departments constituting the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences of Kibabii University College which is a constituent College of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, Kenya.

It comprises of two sections namely:

Educational Foundations

Education Planning and Management


Courses at undergraduate level
 1  EDU 110  Introduction to Education 1  1  1
 2  EDU 111  Introduction to Education 11  1  1
 3  EDF 210  Philosophy of Education  2  2
 4  EDF 211  History of Education  2  1
 5  EDU 410  Sociology of Education and Comparative Education  4  1


Programmes being developed

Diploma in Education

Masters of Education in Educational Foundations

 S/N NAME DESGINATION  Academic Qualifications Professional Bodies
 1 Mr.Injendi Juma Lecturerchairman of Department Submitted thesis of  PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies for examination.Master in Education (Philosophy of Education).Bachelors  Degree in Education (Arts)  Association of Disaster Management and Conflict Resolution of Kenya(ADMCRK)
 2 Dr. Julius Maiyo Senior  LecturerCoordinator of Educational Planning and Management Phd Education Interdisciplinary (Economic and planning  from university  of PureMaster in Business Administration (Human Resource Management) from Indian School of Business Management and AdministrationMphil  in Economics and Planning of Education from Moi University

BED Arts (Economics and Mathematics) from Moi University

-Kenya Institute  of Management-Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa-Indian Association of Teacher Educators (IATE)


Departmental Service Charter

 S/N Service  Requirements Charges  Timeline
 1  Inquiries/Information and Reception desk  Specify the inquiry /Requests for information, Officers and Services  Free  Immediately
 2  Teaching  Registration for the course  Full Fees  Immediately
 3  Supervision of graduates students-Masters  Course work and Research  Full Fees  2 years
 4  Supervision of graduates students-Phd  Course work and Research  Full Fees  3 years
 5  Attendance to phone calls  A telephone call Free  3 Seconds
 6  Response to Correspondence(Including application for employment)  Receipt of Correspondence  Free  7 days
 7  Responds to Complains, Complements, or suggestions  Receipt of Complaint, Complement or Suggestion  Free  7 days
 8  Admission into Department Programmes Certificate: Mean Grade c- at KCSEDiploma: Mean Grade C at KCSEDegree: Mean Grade c at KCSE

Masters:2nd Class Honours,Upper Division or Lower Division with2 Years experience

PhD: Masters Degree

Kshs.20,000 per semesterKsh.30,000 per semester

Ksh.50,000 per semester

 One Month
9  Registration into Programmes  Admission letter and Original academic documents  Full Payment of fees -Early registration begins on receipt of admission letter-End of registration within 1st week of commencement of semester
 10  Counseling-Individual/Group Counseling  Identification of need and on request  Free 8.00am-5p.mMonday to Friday
 11  Recruitment of Part-timers  Advertisement of vacancies, application letter, invitation letter and interviews  Free  Within 3 months

For Complains or Complements please report to:

The Chairman of Department, Education, Criminology and Social Work

Principal ,Kibabii University College

P.O BOX 1699-50200, Bungoma Kenya

Mobile Number 0722669189:,



Vision and Mission

  • Our Vision

    To be a An outstanding centre of excellence in social capital development in the education and security sectors for sustainable development. The core function of the Department is to train quality professional teachers at all levels of the education sector and strengthen the security sector for peaceful living.
  • Our Mission

    To maintain a leadership role in social capital development; generation of new knowledge, ideas and innovative pedagogical skills and social security, involvement in research, consultancy and service leading to enhancement of quality of life for humanity.

Our Core Values and Philosophy

  • Our Core Values

    i) Provision of high quality teaching informed by research. ii) Dedication to excellence. iii) Nurturing responsible corporate citizenship with strong social responsibility. iv) Embracing the virtues of truth, integrity, honesty, tolerance, professionalism, teamwork and meritocracy.
  • Philosophy

    The human person is endowed with enough potential for innovation and peaceful living

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